Shivani Drinkall

Before joining Taurus in 2007, Shivani spent much of her personal and professional life in the company of books. Being surrounded by dogs and helping their owners has been an exciting change, and a challenge at which she has excelled. In her free time, Shivani still relishes a good read, dinner parties with friends, or time on the couch with her own menagerie. A native Austinite, Shivani also enjoys Austin’s parks and trails.

Our Team

William McLeroy

William McLeroy, Owner & CEO

William leads the Taurus Pack using the principles of a learning organization.

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Melanie McLeroy

Melanie McLeroy, Owner & CNO

Melanie guides the Taurus Pack with her dedicated, giving spirit.

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Shivani Drinkall

Shivani Drinkall, President

With her boundless energy, Shivani is Taurus’ resident hummingbird.

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Wallace McElyea

Wallace McElyea, Chief Learning Officer

Wallace is Taurus' "walking Wikipedia".

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Jeff Huenemoerder

Jeff Huenemoerder, VP of Operations

Jeff combines a background in science with a lifelong love of dogs.

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Tanya Pawlak

Tanya Pawlak, Accounting & HR

Tanya likes “brown” dogs.

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Kristine Diaz

Kristine Diaz, Growth & Development

Kristine enjoys her free time with her daughter Evaleigh and her dogs.

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Kassy Coleman

Kassy Coleman, Pack Leader

Kassy gave up being bored behind a desk for an exciting career getting dirty.

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Cate McElroy

Cate McElroy, Pack Leader

Cate is always surprising us with new talents.

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Rachel Medina

Rachel Medina, Pack Leader

Rachel is a native Texan who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Loren Barry

Loren Barry, Pack Leader

Loren is a cat person surrounded by dogs.

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Chelsea Riseman

Chelsea Riseman, Pack Leader

Chelsea's love for animals has made her a foster mom many times over!

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