Radiolab - “New Normal”

July 30, 2011, Dig This, Taurus Dog Training | Comments (39)

Radiolab is one of the coolest, most thought-provoking radio programs we've ever experienced. Combining science, music, sound-effects, and comedy, it's an engaging way to pick up new facts and explore new theories. In this particular episode, among other ideas about evolution, they explore the experiments of Russian geneticist Dimitri Belyaev on domesticating Silver foxes (aimed at learning more about the domestication of dogs). While the study is quite famous, and indeed you may already know its findings, Radiolab brings it to new heights of intrigue. A daring hypothesis involving embryonic development is offered as an explanation of the results of Belyaev's work, and interesting implications toward humanity are made. If you're interested in an engrossing, multi-layered way to spend an hour educating yourself, this is the show for you!

You can find this episode at Radiolab, or download it for free from iTunes, under the Podcast tab. Enjoy!


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