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Flock around the yard with Flounder for a while!


We thought gorgeous Grace might be shy with other dogs, but she's proven to be the belle of the ball!


This lovely black and white Pittie mix is the whole package – brains, beauty, and gentleness.


What mix of breeds makes up a Dovah? We don't know, but we all wish we could have one!


One look at Murphy's adorable face and happily wagging tail and everyone she meets breaks out into huge grins!


We’ve watched this stunning Saluki stumble and bumble through his adorable puppy hood, pass through adolescence with a minimum of awkwardness and finally settle into dignified maturity.


Roo may not have grown much in size, but we can all tell that he has matured by his personality and his cleverness.


It seems like only yesterday that Baxter was a tiny pup, now he's a fully-grown and handsome gentleman!

How to Have a Stress-Free Vet Visit

Regular vet visits are a must for your dog and his health but they don’t have to be a stressful and fearful event.


Handsome Beau says that he is a lab mix, but the Pack Members at Taurus Lamar are convinced he’s mixed with a teddy bear.


It’s never a “Hard Knock Life” with this lovely pooch around. Here at Taurus Lamar, we think we’re walking down “Easy Street” with Annie around!


Ziggy is a long-time Taurus buddy with a memorable grin!


As sweet as the cookie and as intelligent as the physicist that share his name, Newton is the total package.

Lemmy, Jennifer & Raymond

Like his namesake, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilman, this handsome Australian Cattle Dog has no shortage of adoring fans.


Starbuck’s tawny beauty and Mona Lisa smile draw you in but her great personality is what will keep you coming back for more.


Everyone should aspire to be like Trixie when they grow up-- the Taurus Lamar Pack does!


With energy to spare, this lovely blue and white boxer-pittie mix is always ready to party!

Small Dog Week: Potty Training!

Small dogs can be notorious for their potty training challenges. Get the know-how here!


Winston is a champion snuggler--go ahead, ask to see his ribbons!


Although she graduated from the Board & Train at the top of her class, Gypsy may have been having too much fun to notice.

Pam & Rigby

Pam has been a longtime friend of Taurus Lamar, and we've been so glad to know Rigby these last few years!


Koda became a master of the "how-do-you-dos" after her Board & Train!


With his long, silky coat and his happy-go-lucky attitude, Alex is sure to win over the hearts of anyone who meets him!


Sparx completed the puppy equivalent of taking a time math test in public while juggling fire!

Phones Down at Lamar

A power outage at our facility has caused phones to go down.


Choxi is a pitty pitty princess!


Calling the artist formerly known as Lucinda "Lucy" is a thrill for our Pack!

Chilly Weather Tips

It's actually chilly in Texas, so make sure you and your pup are prepared!


There's nothing we like better than Sasah's wolfish grin!


Make sure you sing along with today's Dog of the Day, Redman!

Tim, Casey, and Siddalee

Tim, Casey and Siddalee can always be counted on to help the Taurus Academy Lamar Pack start the weekend off right!


Bernie got straight A's in his Board & Train, but his true challenge came with field trips!


When you see Pack Members at Taurus Academy Lamar walking around with an extra spring in their steps and dreamy grins plastered on their faces you know it can only mean one thing; Mari is in the house!

Pretty Boy, Kathleen and Jack

A chance volunteer shift at Austin Pets Alive! united this family.


Marla came to Taurus with a good knowledge of basic commands like sit and stay and even a few tricks up her sleeve.


Kailua holds a special place in Lamar's Pack Members' hearts!


Who doesn't like a good Taco? Certainly not anyone who’s ever met this loveable goofball!


This tall dark and handsome Lab is a recent Board and Train Graduate and Most Valuable Player at Taurus Academy Lamar!


Opie's expressive face makes every day at Taurus Lamar better!


This itty bitty French Bulldog babe will scamper right up and steal your heart if you aren’t careful.

Riding in Cars with Dogs

Whether you’re taking them down the street for Play Days or on a longer road trip, a little preparation can go a long way toward making car rides with your dog fun and enjoyable.


Maddie’s gentle disposition and mellow manner have made her an instant hit around Taurus Lamar.


Claire recently graduated with honors from our Board and Train Program. Now she’s back to visit her old classmates and work on continuing her education.


There are a lot of great reasons to love Saturdays, but Taurus Lamar's favorite is Bubba!


Astor was home schooled for the first several months of his life due to health issues. Now that he’s fit, healthy and feeling fine, his family enrolled him in Taurus Academy’s Board and Train Program!


With those huge beautiful eyes and that endearing underbite Patrick is sure to melt your heart.


Louie is proud of his Taurus Academy Alma Mater!


Jack has won over every human and dog he's met.


Dudley is the Mascot of Mondays at Lamar.


Sophie is quite possibly the sweetest, silliest German Shepherd puppy in existence.


Look everyone, hip hip hooray! Bo is here for his Boarding stay!


Tess struts through the door with confidence and enthusiasm!


Riggs is learning confidence & independence at Taurus Lamar!


Spyder is becoming the confident adventurer we knew he was all along.


No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you; Baci is just that cute!


He may be nothin' but a hound dog but we think he's a chunka chunka burnin' love!


Max is a mystery wrapped in an enigma rocking some Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean style eyeliner.


You just can’t help but smile when you see this handsome devil waging his tail so hard he bends in half while he sings “woo, woo, woo!” with excitement for his Play Day.


Wes has been a pleasure to Train. His intelligence, willingness to please, sweetness (and those eyebrows) make him a joy to work (and play) with. Congratulations on your Board and Train graduation Wes!


Introducing beautiful, boisterous Bailey!


This petite, pretty pittie is cute as a button and sharp as a tack.


Did someone say handsome? Meet Buster, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Meet Lulu, puppy therapist and Dog of the Day!


Meet Layla, scruffy little snuggle bug and Tarurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Meet Perry, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Culvert: a dog too awesome to ditch!


Happy Holidays from Tavish and the rest of the Taurus Lamar pack! Who wouldn't love to find all this cuteness under their tree?


In the words of George Michael, you've gotta have Faith!


Did someone say "Fun!"? Miso is always ready for a good time!


Meet Brandi, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Wonderful, wiggly, winsome Wysteria is Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!

Veronica, Brendan, Aker and O’Henry

Meet Brendan, Veronica, Aker, and O’Henry, Taurus Lamar’s Family of the Day!


Bluebelle is the belle of the ball at Taurus Lamar!


Zip, zap, zoom, here comes Ziva!


Meet Meeko, the scary cute Miniature Australian Shepherd who has all of Taurus Lamar under his spell!


A Dog of the Day rhyme for Hattie!


Unfurl the red carpet, Satchel's fans await!

Mike, Lena & Lucy!

Lucy is a constant happy, loving presence in Mike and Lena’s lives and we feel the same way when she is visit us at Taurus Lamar.


Ella is a sweet Chinese Shar-pei mix whose hobbies include cuddling, lounging and playing hide-and-seek with Taurus Lamar's Pack Members


This goofball with the gorgeous grin is Hank, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day! Who wouldn't want to party with this guy?


Wiggle, jiggle, prance, wag, bounce, yay! Here comes Jasper, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Meet Jolene, the dog so sweet Taurus Lamar just has to sing about her!


This lovely German Shepherd lady is Christa, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Meet marvelous Mr. Max, Taurus Lamar's Dog of the Day!


Meet Sophie, Queen Bee and Dog of the Day at Taurus Lamar!


Meet Stella, the cute and clever Pug who's taking Taurus Lamar by storm!


Meet T Bone! This Retriever is the golden boy of Taurus Lamar and our Dog of the Day.


Introducing Samson, Taurus Lamar's dog of the day!


Meet Olive, the beauty and brains of Board and Train at Taurus Lamar!


Word around the yards is there's a new player in town and he's ready for some good times! Meet Roscoe, the newest addition to the pack at Taurus Lamar.

Shannon, Bill and Elly

You will absolutely adore this sophisticated little pup!

Laura, Brandy, Pepper, Opal, and Galen

This big family has fun, friends, and open hearts.


Rhia rings like a bell through the night whenever she comes to see us!


Once there was a dog named Ozzie


We love Pebbles for her unique appearance and her considerable bravery.


Wikipedia cites Anatolian Shepherds like Dutch as having "acute hearing, exceptional eyesight, and the strength to take down wolves, horses, and even lions and Texans".

Marian and Joey

Marian, who had previously not really been looking for a dog, decided that she had to save Joey from being put down.


Initially shy and a little unsure of herself, Lulu has blossomed into a sweet, spunky little critter in the yards.


Though she's definitely got spunk, this girl is sweet as can be, smart as they come, and eager to please.

Fall/Winter Holiday Hours

Even with a few more weeks of Summer-like weather left in Texas, it's time to start preparing for Fall and Winter holidays!


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