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How to Have a Stress-Free Vet Visit

Regular vet visits are a must for your dog and his health but they don’t have to be a stressful and fearful event.

Small Dog Week: Potty Training!

Small dogs can be notorious for their potty training challenges. Get the know-how here!

What’s a Canine Good Citizen anyway?

Anya breaks down what it takes to become a certified CGC.

When Does Training Happen?

It's hard to set aside time for training sessions, but Lauren knows how to incorporate training into every interaction.

Chilly Weather Tips

It's actually chilly in Texas, so make sure you and your pup are prepared!

Leash Manners

As cute as they are, dogs can sometimes be a pain in the butt when it comes to walks!

Grooming Tips & Tricks

If you're a DIY dog owner, these tips will up your grooming game!

Leash Reactivity & Aggression

Lauren used to think her dogs were aggressive--now she understands what's really going on with leash reactivity!

Getting Through Crate Rest

If you’ve received a treatment plan that involves crate rest, you know that you’ve got a challenge ahead of you!

Dog Sports: Musical Freestyle

We all think our dog is the smoothest on the block. It's time to prove it with some dance moves!

Preparing for a New Baby Pt 1: Mastering Commands

When you're expecting a new baby, getting some basic commands down pat will help both you and your dog in the longterm.

Why Do Dogs Play? Part Four

When dogs play together, it can be great physical and mental exercise for them. Play time with other dogs is an important part of a dog's development!

Walk for a Dog App

Use your daily walks to help other pups: this app donates money for every mile you walk with your dog!

Dogs on the Town: Cedar Door

Kelli's new series will show you the best dog friendly venues around Austin!

Why Do Dogs Play? Part Three

Playing with your dog can be mentally stimulating and relaxing for both of you.

BarkBuddy: A matchmaking app

Enter your preferences into BarkBuddy and they will find you a dog in need of a home in your area.

Crate Training

Need your dog to learn how to be in its crate? Try Kelli's method!

Exercising With Your Dog: Hiking

Hiking with your dog can be beneficial for both of you!

Teach Your Dog “Drop It”

Kelli will show you how to trade a treat for a toy to start off with this command.

Unique Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

Need a gift for the dog-lover in your life? Check out Cate's list!

How to Prevent Resource Guarding

If you have had resource guarding dogs in the past, Lauren's tips will help you get off on the right foot with your new pup.

Pet Friendly Holiday Activities

Check out these pet-friendly holiday events around town!

Nail Trim Desensitization

If you start off slow and rewarding, nail trims can stop being a source of stress for you and your dog!

How to Condition Your Dog to a Gentle Leader

Conditioning your dog to a Gentle Leader can take some time, but it could also make walks more fun for both of you!

Teach Your Dog Tricks Using “Shaping” Technique

"Shaping" is a great technique to break down teaching your dog new tricks!

To Treat or Not to Treat?

When and how should you reward your dog? Lauren's got the tips you need to know!

Teach Your Dog to Heel

Is your dog walking you instead of the other way around? Kelli's got some tips for you!

How to Throw a Dog Party

Aimee's got all the tips you need to throw a great Austin dog party!

Puppy Socialization

Through gradual, positive exposure to new people your puppy will grow into a confident, well-adjusted adult.

Polite Puppy Greetings

Have a puppy who's a little too enthusiastic about greetings? Kelli's got some solutions!


Nikki from Lamar will teach you how to work on your dog coming when called!

What’s Up With Whiskers?

What's the point of those long hairs? Wallace is here to tell you all about it!

Preparing Your Dog for Agility

Kelli from the Lake is here to tell you all about how training can prepare your dog for agility classes!


Ouch! Did your heart just break a little? Yeah, Koji will do that to you!

Hot Dog!

Wallace shares a few tips on how to recognize and prevent heat stress in your furry friend this summer!

Teaching “Down” and “Fetch”

A solid down command can help with energy management and fetch is a fun way to exercise with your dog!

Teaching Your Puppy to Come

Teaching your puppy to come when called may seem daunting at first, but don't be discouraged! We'll show you how to set your puppy up to succeed.

Puppy Eye Contact

Learn to get great eye contact from your puppy!


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