Make a Career Out of Something You Love!

Do you want to work with dogs? Do you love learning and want to get an education while you work? Are you looking for the first step into a career working with animals? Join the Taurus Dog Training Pack!

The Pack at Taurus Academy is made up of smart, hardworking and fun individuals who are passionate about creating happier households for Austin’s dogs and dog owners. We have been serving the Austin community since 1994 and are committed to providing a convenient, compassionate and knowledgeable resource for Austin’s dog-owning community.

Our entry-level Kennel Technician position is the best way to start a career in the animal care industry. You will learn about dog behavior and signaling as well as how to create customized playgroups and enforce our training principles.

Because Taurus Academy has an unrivaled Learning Levels system that will give you all of the information you need, there is no dog experience necessary. We believe in advancing talented Pack Members from within, which means in as little as three months you could be on track to help with the management of a facility, become an expert in canine behavior, become a dog trainer, and/or learn to lead a facility.  

You might love this job if:

You love to learn on the job. The first three months have a steep learning curve, but at the end you’ll be an expert in canine care.

You have an interest in dog behavior and/or you want to become a dog trainer. We’ll teach you how to read the signals that dogs use to communicate with humans and each other; these are the building blocks toward being an effective trainer. You’ll also start participating in training sessions immediately and eventually lead them yourself.

You love to connect with people and help them achieve their goals. We’re not just a dog business—we’re a people business. We work with our clients to help them develop their ideal relationship with their dog.

You’re looking for a career, not just a job. We are a growing company with plenty of room for upward mobility. Pack Members can advance quickly and learn to run our facilities and develop management skills that are applicable in many other industries.

And, because we want to be intentional in everything we do,

Here are some reasons you might NOT like this job:

You hate the idea of having homework. Our Learning Levels are intensive and, if taken seriously, can lead to rapid advancement in the company. If the idea of reading an article and answering questions about it gives you the heebie-jeebies, this might not be the position you want.

You want to be a dog trainer (Trainer Consultant) right away. Everyone at Taurus starts in the same place: the kennel. Once you build your knowledge base there is ample room in the day for training and plenty of space for new trainers to come up but if you are only interested in training this highly interactive client-based business might not be right for you.

You’re a dog person, not a dog & people person. Our clients are like family to us. Some of them have brought us every dog they’ve owned in the last twenty years! All of our Pack Members interact with clients and are expected to be friendly and knowledgeable.

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail your resume and a letter of interest to [email protected]


Benefits after 3 months (Health, vision, dental, life)
Starting pay: $12/hr
Free dog behavior education & free management training
Bring your dog to work with you & receive free training for your dog
Informal, fun work environment
Pack culture in facilities
Attend Employee & Community events as well as industry workshops

Physical/time requirements

Weekly assignments as part of Learning Levels
Mandatory regularly scheduled check-ins & meetings
Must be able to lift 40 lbs
Must be able to be on your feet for 6 hours
Must be able to work outside in all weather
Must be able to handle dogs, medications and cleaning chemicals

Our Locations

Taurus Lamar: 715 South Lamar Blvd.

Taurus McNeil: 6917 McNeil Drive

Taurus Metric: 12419 Metric Blvd.

Taurus Lake Travis: 3807 RR 620 N

Taurus Burnet: 6506 Burnet Rd

Bark&Zoom: 2601 Cardinal Loop

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