Meet "Mini"

August 9, 2011, Dog of the Day, Taurus Lamar


Goodness, if Mini isn't the cutest floppiest cuddlingest little creature this side of the Mississippi!  If ever you're sad, just pick up this little sweetheart and feel all of your concerns melt away.  She is what little kids dream their stuffed animals to be, what King Charles Cavalier Spaniels were meant to be.  Sweet, gentle, and smart, this gorgeous little dog is excelling in the Board & Train program at Taurus Lamar.  Not only does she love human interaction, she will readily celebrate her successes with you (she loves nothing more than hearing the exuberant 'good!' or 'okay!' that means she has done well) and her calm and collected nature is betrayed only by the furious wagging of her tail during class time, and the occasional celebratory leap when she has done something especially well (however - forever polite, she never leaps onto us).  We love you Mini!  After all, it is impossible not to.


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