Cass & Melissa

February 21, 2016, Family of the Week, Taurus Dog Training

Cass & Melissa

Melissa and Cass are one of our favorite families that join us at Taurus Burnet, and it’s about time we feature them as our Family of the Week!

When initially entertaining the idea of adopting a new dog, Melissa thought that it would be best to get an older dog who would be content being at home alone during the day and probably a little less likely to do take too much interest in chewing away at an furniture.  When browsing the Austin Humane Society’s website, there was a three year old Otterhound who seemed to be the perfect match, but by the time she was ready to get him he had already found a new home.  This was okay, though, because it left her home open and ready for one of the cutest puppy faces you could find.

A short while later Melissa found herself browsing the Austin Humane Society’s website again and stumbled upon one of the most adorable pups that we’ve ever seen, at least.  He was just about to go out to an adoption event the very next day where he would have undoubtedly been snatched up in a minute, but Melissa was able to get him that very day and bring him back to his new home.  It took a little time to adjust and he may have been a little too fond of chewing on furniture, but it turned out to be the perfect match for the two of them.

As Melissa put it, “One torn up couch later, I have been fortunate enough to have one of the sweetest and most personable dogs ever!”  

Cass may have had to break in the home a little bit, but there’s no way you can’t forgive a face like his.  Melissa brings Cass in to Taurus Burnet two to three times a week and we get to see him wiggle his way through the door and into the yards, and there’s no dog he’s met that can resist his playful ways.   Melissa and Cass have been with Burnet since almost the first month we opened and we’re always happy to see them come through our doors in the morning, and we are proud to have them as part of the Burnet Pack!


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