Cooper & Laura

March 6, 2016, Family of the Week, Taurus Dog Training

When people bring their dogs to Taurus for daycare, not many of them expect the level of professionalism and individualized care that they receive from the Taurus Pack Members. We really strive to make everyone feel welcome and cared for, which means we have the opportunity to connect with and really get to know lots of awesome, caring, dog loving folks. We form close relationships with many of our clients and are proud to call them friends. One client however, really embodies the type of relationship we wish we could have with all our clients. Laura and her adorable pup have really made their way into our hearts and we consider them an integral part of the Taurus family. Many Pack Members have joked that Laura is the facility mom because she also really cares about us, and keeps us well fed and energized with lots of yummy homemade treats!

Laura relocated from Cincinnati about a year ago and it broke her heart to say goodbye to friends, both dog and human alike. She knew that she could not be without a Brittany in her life (Cooper is her fourth!)  and quickly found Cooper from a working ranch in Nuevo Laredo. Even though Laura has had many Brittanys all her life, Cooper is both the largest and most headstrong! As a puppy he was giving her a tough time, so when driving past our sign she pulled right in to ask some questions. Cooper eventually did our Board & Train program…..twice! Laura jokes that he is probably the only puppy to fail their in home visit and have to go back for more training.

Laura is such a part of our lives here at Taurus, and when Cooper misses a few days, our facility just does not feel the same. Cooper and Laura are our friends and we cannot imagine not having them around to talk and laugh with. Laura says that Taurus has had a big impact on her life as well. “Taurus has changed our lives. I work five days a week and Cooper goes to Taurus five days a week, it's like dropping him off to school. This was not my original plan but that quickly changed. Taurus is our extended family. The girls were the first people I met other than family upon moving to Austin. I can't imagine what our life would be like without Taurus, they are so involved in our lives every day. The follow up home visits have been a big help as well!”

Cooper is probably one of the luckiest dogs around. He gets to come to Taurus every week, and boy does he have a blast playing. At home, Laura tells us he loves to stand on the balcony surveying his domain, or lay stretched out on the couch catching some good dreams. Laura hikes with Cooper daily, and one of his all-time favorite activities is going to the Red Bud Dog Park where he puts his top notch social skills on display. Cooper is a park favorite there, both for his movie star good looks, and his good-natured charm.   

We are incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know Laura and Cooper so well, and could not imagine our week without seeing our good friends. We love you Laura and Cooper!


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