Kimberley & Bailey

October 29, 2016, Family of the Week, Taurus McNeil

Kimberley & Bailey

This week, Taurus McNeil wants to celebrate a decade of friendship! In 2005, Kimberley's co-worker had a litter of puppies and she couldn't resist taking a look. She didn't know that she wanted a dog before that moment. While all the puppies were adorable, Bailey stood out to her because "he was the most daring of all puppies." She brought her new 4 month old puppy in to Taurus for his first day in February of 2006 and they have been a part of our pack ever since!

Kimberley says she didn't know that she wanted a schnauzer, but has really come to appreciate the breed. She says they are "equally smart and stubborn, but they are also playful and goofy." Bailey gets random spurts of energy and will zoom around the house and then finish by running in circles as fast as he can. He is also very sneaky and will pretend he wants snuggles to get close to her coffee. She says he will lap it all up if she doesn't catch him in time!

Kimberley lived alone for a long time before adopting Bailey, and says Bailey taught her a lot about love. Bailey is a "great companion, and a great source of joy in my life." Bailey is her running buddy in the mornings, but they prefer to take it slow and walk on extra pretty days. Bailey has given her the added benefit of meeting the neighbors. On their walks, they meet so many people and dogs that she has made a great network of friends because of Bailey!

Though they like to keep active, they both adore their couch time together. When they aren't snuggling, Bailey loves to play with his favorite toy, a purple stuffed monkey he has had since he was a puppy. It may have lost all of its stuffing, but "he carries it around constantly in the hopes that someone will throw it for him."

We like to count ourselves as part of the network of friends that Bailey has introduced her to! Having Kimberley and Bailey in our pack has been an amazing journey. Kimberley is one of sweetest and most genuine people you will ever meet. Even after a long day, she has a smile on her face and something nice to say. She and Bailey are absolutely perfect together.

Bailey is the biggest cuddle bug at Taurus. His favorite thing to do in the McNeil yards is relax on a shaded playscape with his friends, especially if one of us comes by with some pats and scratches!

Their calm and positive energy is so refreshing when they come in for their weekly Play Day.  We have loved and appreciated every day of this past decade with them and look forward to every day ahead. Here's to another decade!


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