Pam & Rigby

February 7, 2016, Family of the Week, Taurus Dog Training

Pam & Rigby

Pam originally came to Taurus Academy Lamar with her first dog Willie. Pam describes Willie as “a real handful.” She completed a Board and Train then kept coming back to Taurus for Play Days for nine happy years. Sadly, Willie passed away, but three years ago when Pam adopted Rigby from the Austin Humane Society, she knew Taurus Lamar would be a part of his life as well.

Of her relationship with Taurus, Pam says: “The people at Taurus have been people I trust with my dogs. They act like my dogs are their dogs. They love them and take care of them and that gives me complete confidence and comfort knowing he is somewhere he’s loved.” Rigby also completed the Board and Train program and has been coming to Taurus for weekly Play Days and sporadic Boarding stays ever since.

Rigby has had a large impact on Pam’s life. “I don’t have kids, so my dogs have been my family. Plus he gets me out of my house. I know more of my neighbors and more about my neighbors than I would if there was no dog to walk. He is a sweet little buddy who makes me laugh.” When he and Pam are on one of their daily walks, Rigby always wants to visit their neighbor Ann, especially since she gives him cheese treats. His best dog friend in their neighborhood is Duncan, a red Dachshund with whom he loves to take walks and check out the neighborhood. Rigby also has a Pug pal named Oscar who lives just down the street.

Rigby has an amazing Faux Hawk that sags or stands at attention depending on his mood. He prances down the hall with an occasional skip to his step that makes you want to skip along. Although Pam only dresses him in sweaters when it is cold, there's just something about Rigby that makes people want to help him accessorize. He has a bow tie that was a gift from Ann (aka the cheese woman) a trapper hat Pam bought him for Christmas and he (somewhat reluctantly) wears his half of the matching infinity scarf set Pam's neighbor knit for them.

Rigby (or sometimes one of his many aliases, Rigs, Rigglesby, or Riggy Bobby) has a wonderful personality. He is part Jack Russell Terrier but is pretty calm overall. At Taurus Lamar he is one of our most valuable players among the little dog set. He likes just about every dog he meets and is always ready with a wiggle and a prance to invite new friends to play. At home he loves to play fetch with all his stuffed squeaky toys. He also likes to run and jump and get Pam to chase him around the house, which they do frequently to burn off some of Rigby's excess energy.

In addition to the good manners he learned in his Board and Train Rigby has one secret hidden talent; hiding under the bed when it's time for Pam to go to work. She reports that he is brilliant at this trick and practices it often.

The entire Taurus Academy Lamar Pack adores Rigby. We love to see him wriggle-prance through our doors with his FauxHawk held high and ready for fun. And we can always count on Pam for a hilarious tale of some strange adventure he's had since his last visit, whether it's his attempts at making friends with the neighborhood cats or his fear of possibly imaginary bugs. There is never a dull moment with Pam and Rigby around, which is why we chose them as our Family of the Day!


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