Rip and Whitey

April 28, 2017, Family of the Week, Taurus McNeil

Rip and Whitey

The heart and soul of Taurus McNeil is our clients, and one family that represents that perfectly is the infamous 

Rip and Whitey! Every morning, they arrive early and Whitey makes sure to greet everyone with a kiss on the way to the yards while Rip tells us about their silly antics at home. Whitey may not be young, but he stays very active! We like to joke that Whitey is practically an employee because he keeps his Playdays jam-packed with activities. On a typical day could include playing with his friends, welcoming new pups to the pack, dressing up in costumes, and cuddling up to kennel techs. He is exceptionally good at making friends with our shy dogs and helping them feel more confident! While Whitey is a Playday expert, he wasn't always the confident dog we all know today.

Rip adopted Whitey five years ago from APA. He had heartworms, severe seperation anxiety, and extreme fear of loud noises. They treated his heartworms and worked with a behaviorist to help him overcome his anxieties. He made progress, but was on a lot of intense medications. Rip didn't like keeping him on so many medications and "thought other dogs were the key." He started Playdays with us at the beginning of 2013 and, as Rip says, "all the great animals at Taurus healed him." It was a long process, but 

he is now completely free of medication and living the good life! Rip and Whitey are two peas in a pod, or "two happy old men". Whitey spends his days playing at Taurus with his friends, then they go home and spend the evenings relaxing where he is completely spoiled. When Whitey started having chronic stomach trouble, they decided to get healthy together. They now make sure they get all of their veggies, including boiled sweet potatoes and green beans, and are healthier than ever!

Rip and Whitey are everything you could hope for in a friendship. Rip is one of the friendliest and laidback people you will ever meet, always chatting with other clients and making friends with their fur babies. You might even catch him crooning a country song! Maybe that is where Whitey gets his calm but playful demeanor. They could definitely win a popularity contest amongst our pack, clients and dogs alike, because of their caring nature. They don't just represent the heart and soul of Taurus McNeil, they inspire it!


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