Sarah and Mack

June 3, 2017, Family of the Week, Taurus McNeil

Sarah and Mack

Everyone knows a pair of best friends that deserve their own comedy sitcom. At Taurus McNeil, that pair is Sarah and Mack! Every morning and evening, Sarah stops by and we all get our daily dose of hilarity as she tells us about her day and Mack's latest antics at home. Their light-hearted nature makes them a perfect pair, or "partners in crime" as Sarah says, yet they met under unusual circumstances. Several years ago, Sarah was at a music festival and met a lady whose dog recently had puppies. Sarah had been looking to adopt and made a plan to meet the pups. While all the puppies were friendly, Mack walked right up to her, climbed in her lap, and refused to budge. Sarah knew that this was her dog. The owner agreed that they were clearly meant to be and even waived the adoption fee! Now, Mack is almost 7 years old and they have been inseparable since that day.

Sarah keeps busy with both work and school, so they have their daily routine well-established. Every morning, Sarah wakes up early and Mack moves to the center of the bed for a few more hours of sleep. He may enjoy sleeping in, but he is full of energy when he wakes up. He starts his day by running around the backyard like a wild man! After breakfast, Mack tries his best to get Sarah our the front door by "running between the front hall and me in the bedroom with an impatient glare in his eye!" Finally, he wins and it is off to Taurus to play while Sarah bounces between work and school. In the evening, they spend time cuddling on the couch until dinner, then they take a walk or play chase in the backyard. On the weekends, Sarah says she tries to "fill the void of Taurus friends" with extra play time like tug of war. However, they also love just being lazy on the couch together.


One of his most amusing games is "unclean the house". Sarah will round up all of his toys and put them away in his kennel. Mack watches "with a look of utter betrayal", then pulls them all back out, one at a time, and spreads them back throughout the house. If Sarah tries to pick them back up, he will run over and lay on it so she "cannot ruin his work." Sarah has so many stories of her mischevious Mack, but our favorite is how he tries to sneakily take a bite from her sandwich while she's holding it the moment she looks away!


Sarah says that Mack is "so sweet, the biggest goofball, and most loving dog!" He is always super affectionate and makes her laugh. He thoughtfully picks out toys and offers them to her when it is playtime. He checks in on her when she is sick with a kiss He is more than a best friend or fur baby, he is family in the truest sense of the word. "From the moment he laid down in my lap and chose me to be his Mom, my life became complete!" They are two perfect peas in a perfect pod. Sarah may just be the friendliest person we have ever met. We love that she always spends a few minutes at drop off and pick up to chat about life while Mack impatiently bounces at our feet. Mack's antics make us all laugh out loud and his strong and loving nature warms our hearts. We can't imagine Taurus McNeil without them!


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