Scarlett & Jaime

February 14, 2016, Family of the Week, Taurus Dog Training

It’s always a great day when Jaime stops by with her playful pup Scarlett! They are the perfect example of dogs reflecting their owner’s personality. Scarlett's known for being super friendly and super sweet, just like her Jaime!

Jaime had been constantly traveling for work and was so excited to leave the consulting industry for a job that gave her more time at home. With that free time, she was finally ready for the dog she had been dreaming of. She had grown up with a Great Dane and knew that was the dog for her. She found Scarlett in Dallas at 5 months old and immediately fell in love. She started coming to Taurus shortly after where we all fell in love as well! A growing puppy has a lot of energy so Play Days were a great fit for her.

Jaime says Scarlett is a total goofball at home. She loves to play chase, chew on her toys, and cuddle on the couch. Their favorite way to spend the afternoon is at the park where Scarlett makes friends with all of the other dogs. Jaime says that Scarlett is "such a goof and can get any dog to play with her". Now that Jaime is settled at home with Scarlett, she can't imagine her life without her crazy "little" girl. Her little girl is now one year old and growing into such a wonderful lady. She says the house just feels empty without her.

We can't imagine Taurus McNeil without Scarlett's big personality either! Thankfully, she comes for weekly Play Days. Scarlett is quick to like anybody that will play with her and no one could refuse her giant playbow! She always has a good time playing with her two Taurus best friends, Rocco and Mason, however, Scarlett sparkles in the play yards and inspires even the grouchiest of dogs to frolic with her. We suspect she inherited this sparkle from her owner, because Jaime lights up the lobby with her smile. Even with her hectic work schedule, she is always up for a quick chat with us in the lobby before she heads out. Their good energy is infectious, and we are so thankful that they have joined our Pack at Taurus McNeil.


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