Vanessa, Craig & Steve

September 20, 2015, Family of the Week, Taurus Dog Training

Vanessa, Craig & Steve

Vanessa & Craig have always wanted a dog ever since they moved in together 8 years ago.  Like many of our Taurus Pack Members, they stopped to play with every dog they passed on the street and watched dogs playing in the park with longing in their hearts.  But with two cats and so many restrictions in their previous homes, the timing was just never right… until recently! Vanessa & Craig moved to Texas in January, and with Vanessa’s ability to work from home they were finally ready for their dream pup!  They found a perfect match at a local animal shelter, but after meeting him Vanessa realized her allergies wouldn’t tolerate just any dog. They started looking into Labradoodle breeders and found Steve!  

It was love at first sight with his big brown eyes and mellow personality, and life with Steve has been a dream ever since.  Of course, even the best things in life aren’t perfect- Steve still has a few punky puppy hobbies like chewing on sneakers and trying to steal cat food, both of which get him into trouble. He makes up for all of his less-cute antics with his intelligence, enthusiasm, charming smile and snuggly disposition.  After graduating from his Board and Train a couple months ago, Steve has been an even more amazing addition to Vanessa and Craig’s life at home. Having solid recall and heel have made it so easy for Steve to be a bigger part of their lives and go out on the town with them.

Vanessa & Craig have been working hard with him on learning all kinds of new tricks now that he’s got the basics down.  He currently knows a whopping 15 tricks, including “roll over” and “figure 8” where he weaves between their legs.  The next challenge is “speak” (and then “shut up” shortly after!).

Steve gets along with all creatures big and small, and even lives with a kitty friend named Meshuggah!  Steve is a little social butterfly, and his charming personality has even helped Vanessa meet new people at their daily trips to the dog park.  Vanessa & Craig admit that having Steve has taught them so much about responsibility and prepared them for their future children.  One of his biggest quirks is his affinity to dryer sheets.  Anytime he hears the dryer door open, he follows Vanessa into the bedroom, jumps into the pile of clean laundry and digs around for the dryer sheet.  Then he proudly carries it around the house and turns it into a fun game of “chase me” to get it away from him.  He also has a personal rule against wearing socks in the house- he’ll do whatever it takes to get them off your feet and give them a good shake.  Steve’s wacky antics have made him a bit of an internet celebrity- he even has his own facebook page.  Visit to keep up with Steve’s ongoing adventures!


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