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At Taurus Academy, we believe that paying for your pet's care should be as stress-free as possible. Please read through our variety of options to see what is right for you.

Boarding is the perfect way to keep your dog stimulated and cared for while you are away from home. We put an emphasis on cleanliness and safety so we can assure your dog will have a great experience!
Standard Room Boarding$53
Standard boarding social group play throughout the day, multiple potty breaks, comfy kennels with blankets, chew toys and soothing music for naptime and bedtime, daily room service and housekeeping, and all feeding and non-injectable medications at no extra cost and lots of TLC from our highly-trained staff of dog-lovers. Executive Suites available at Taurus Lake Travis and Bark & Zoom locations.
Neighborhood Walk$25 / each
Enrichment Activities: Brain Games, Nose Work, Tug Time, Ball Time, Cuddle Time$25 / session
Daily Photo Update$5 / day
Ice Cream Treat$3.50 - $5 / each
Play Day With BoardingIncluded!
Extended Checkout (after 12pm)$35
Dogs must complete our Evaluation Day before regular boarding or daycare reservations can be booked. Standard check-out is 12pm. Pets picked up after 12pm will be charged a daycare fee of $35.
Bring your dogs to our award-winning daycare so they can play with their peers under the supervision of our trained staff. Once you bring them, they will never want to leave! Daycare is available from 7am - 7pm daily.
Play Day (single visit)$37 per day
Play Day 10-Pack (save $20)$360
Play Day 20-Pack (save $60)$700
Play Day MembershipAsk for details
Evaluation DayFree
Enrichment Activities: Brain Games, Nose Work, Tug Time, Ball Time$25 per session
Ice Cream Treat$3.5 - $5
After Hours Pick-up (pre-scheduled)$25
Late Pick-up Fee$35

We have worked with thousands of households over the last 25 years, and have developed programs that can fit anybody.
We can tailor a program that helps you find more harmony in your home.
Our trainer consultants are experts at working with owners and their dogs together to make their relationship the best it can be. For the dogs who learn best at home, or when the issue is beyond the scope of the Board and Train, private consultations are an excellent alternative.
This at-home consultation is a crash course in all things puppy. One of our expert trainers will meet you at your house and set you up with everything you and your pup need to get started on the right paw, addressing all the common puppy issues as well as anything specific to you and your pup. For puppies 5 months and younger.
Your dog will come to stay with us for a two, three or four week intensive “camp," where your dog will learn all he needs to know to fit perfectly into your life. Once your dog’s training is finished, it’s your turn to learn. We'll meet with you at the facility, as well as at home and on outings, to make sure that you both get the best out of your new relationship.
Board & Train - 2 weeks$1,700
Board & Train - 3 weeks$2,350
Board & Train - 4 weeks$2,900
Our Day Train program offers the same training experience for your dog as our Board & Train program, but your pet will go home with you every evening instead of boarding with us at our facility.
Day Train - 10 day package$1,399
Day Train - 15 day package$1,975
Day Train - 20 day package$2,500

Caring for your dog’s hygiene is about more than just making them look and smell good; it’s also about keeping them healthy and happy with freshly clipped nails, clean ears and anal glands. Our professional bathers are highly trained at handling dogs of all sizes and breeds, and know how to put your pup at ease during any treatment.
Full Groom
Bath, Brush, Anal Gland Expression & Nail Trim
Starts at $25
Based on dog's size and coat type
Bath & Brush
Bath, Brush Out, and Hand Dry
$20 - $50
Based on dog's size and coat type
De-shed Blowout
 Significantly reduce shedding by helping to remove a dog's undercoat and lose hair. Add-on to bath.
Add-on to bath
Medicated Shampoo$5
Coat Conditioner$5
Anal Gland Expression$15
Nail Trim$15
Nail Trim Desensitization
We focus on slowly introducing handling and equipment to a dog in a way that creates a positive association with nail trims.
Daily Brushing$15
Teeth Cleaning$10
De-matting Services$25+



    At least 48 hours prior to your dog's arrival for any service at Taurus Academy, we must have a formal vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian indicating that your dog is up to date on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, Canine Influenza (H3N8 and H3N2).


     Dogs must complete our Evaluation Day before regular boarding or daycare reservations can be booked. Dogs over 10 months of age must be spayed / neutered to visit Taurus Academy.


    Please review our full Behavior, Health, Safety and Financial Policies that apply to all Taurus Academy clients and guests.

Rates may vary by location. Please call your location for an exact quote on your pet's visit.