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Play Days

Kobe and I have been coming to Taurus going on 3 years now. This place is incredible!! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, with excellent facilities. They’ve been a god-send on numerous occasions. The peace of mind I get from knowing Taurus is like a second home for my pup is why I keep coming back, week after week. — Fabio with Kobe

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Why Choose Play Days at Taurus?

Taurus is much more than a “doggie treadmill.”  While most people choose daycare for their dog for exercise, attention, and stimulation, we provide much more.  Our pack is comprised of dedicated dog trainers, who will attend to every moment of your dog’s day in a way that ensures safety and fun, and also promotes polite behavior with dogs and people.  We regularly exceed industry standards in many ways, including our cleaning & ventilation procedures, and health and behavior knowledge. 

At Taurus, dogs will learn:

  • How to appropriately greet and play with other dogs, in a safe, supervised environment
  • To enjoy a kennel atmosphere (which is why play day is required before boarding or training)
  • Confidence, with new dogs as well as people
  • How to be away from the pack, which is essential in cases of separation anxiety
  • How to greet and interact with people politely and positively

Picking the Perfect Play Group

To ensure your pup’s safety and enjoyment, all dogs at Taurus undergo an evaluation period to assess personality. The dogs are rotated in small groups and are matched by highly trained pack members according to age, size, and temperament. Our expertise in canine communication means the dogs stay safe and polite. Dogs will be dogs, however, so sometimes rowdy players will end up with a nick, scratch, or puncture.

Daily Activities

What to Expect: Your dog will play with other dogs in supervised play groups several times a day.  It is important that dogs take breaks from play, in order to calm down and keep the play safe, so in between play times they rest in climate-controlled kennels.  The length of play times depends largely on weather conditions, as well as the dogs’ stamina and temperaments.  When arriving home, your dog may still be revved up from play, but may soon “crash.”  Note that while the dogs always have access to water at Taurus, in their kennels and in the play yards, many dogs will overindulge at the water bowl when they return to their “den,” so please supervise in order to prevent an upset tummy.  As your dog attends daycare more often, he or she will develop “play muscles,” similar to our increase in stamina when we undergo physical conditioning. Keeping this in mind, we modify playtimes accordingly.

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Please email or call the facility of your choice for reservations. Note that all dogs at Taurus must undergo an evaluation day of daycare before training, boarding, or more daycare, to ensure the most positive experience possible.

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