Taurus Bark&Zoom

Taurus Lamar

Taurus Training has been such a wonderful experience for us. We have been patrons for 10 years and continue to bring our new puppy to Play Day and Training. We hope to be patrons for another 10 years!


Taurus McNeil

We have been bringing Ginger to Taurus McNeil since she was a puppy for both play days and boarding….Thank goodness for Taurus! She goes running from the car to their front door every day and greets the staff with full body wiggles. When we pick her up, she doesn’t want to leave (it’s a little embarrassing!) Everyone on the staff is super nice and helpful, and it’s great to know that while we are at work or on vacation Ginger is having so much fun with her doggie playmates.


Taurus Metric

We LOVE Taurus! It's wonderful to know our dog is well looked after and having such a blast when he boards or has a play date. We never worry about him for a second.


Taurus Lake Travis

Taurus has provided a wonderful experience for our dog. She enjoys coming quite clearly- unlike the previous doggy day care where she resisted going there and bolted when we picked her up. Nice staff, attractive and safe facilities, fine training.


Taurus Burnet

Taurus Headquarters

One of the wonderful things about Taurus is how much encouragement they provide to their employees to learn and grow. With the Learning Levels Program, we are able to expand our knowledge and increase our awareness in order to excel at what we do. This program has been a key component in assisting us in creating happy households. With this opportunity to grow, Taurus maintains its progressive nature and is constantly willing to evolve. It makes me proud to be a part of an organization that pushes me to be the best that I can be. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Taurus!

--Kassy Coleman, Pack Leader

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Please email or call the facility of your choice for reservations. Note that all dogs at Taurus must undergo an evaluation day of daycare before training, boarding, or more daycare, to ensure the most positive experience possible.

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