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After bringing my dog to Taurus for the past year or so, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in her behavior towards other dogs. She was also trained at Taurus and is virtually an entirely new dog. Obedience training and canine socialization have significantly improved my relationship with Monster.


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Hours: Monday-Sunday: 7 am - 8 pm
Phone: (512) 832-1012
Fax: (512) 973-0111
Email: metric@taurusacademy.com
Address: 12419 Metric Blvd
Austin, TX 78758
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  • Rachel is a native Texan who loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. She spent a few years in Portland, OR, but in 2012 moved back to Texas. She will graduate from UT in December 2014 with a BA in Sociology and French. When she isn’t at school or Taurus, Rachel can be found at one of her favorite local bars with good friends or on her couch, binge watching Netflix with her two dogs: Thea, a sweet Beagle-Boxer-Pit Bull mix, and Foxy, a neurotic Chihuahua-Miniature Pinscher mix.
    Rachel Medina


    Pack Leader

  • Alicia is passionate about bringing awareness to how humans impact the environment and how our actions affect animals and their habitats. She's a natural fit for Taurus, where she loves to help owners better understand their pups! She and her boyfriend have come all the way from Maine (with a guinea pig and a parrot in tow!) to seek opportunities in Austin, and we're so glad she's here!
    Alicia Tilley


    Trainer Consultant

  • Finding a job you're passionate about is tough, and Angela knew she'd need to leave her hometown of Brownsville, TX to realize her vision of success. She and her two pups (Lilly and Lucy) found Taurus and the rest is history! Angela loves learning how to communicate effectively with dogs and working toward making her facility great. In her downtime, she likes to explore the city, take in a good movie or check out live music!
    Angela Aguirre


    Trainer Consultant

  • Angela Sanchez


    Pack Member

  • After living in Irvine, CA for the first part of her life, Kira knew that she had to bust out to find a more interesting place to live: enter Austin! Moving with her longterm boyfriend, Kira knew that she wanted to further her career working with animals: enter Taurus! She loves that, through her job, she gets to learn and teach others about what she loves most. 
    Kira Salter


    Pack Member

  • Maija hails from Hawaii, but her goals were too big for an island, so she moved to Texas! She loves making happy homes for Taurus clients, with the help of her own two German Shepherds. Whenever you see her, try chatting Maija up about Joseph Campbell or ask her about the latest song she's learned on guitar. 
    Maija Tatupu


    Pack Member

  • Gabbie Cordero


    Pack Member

  • Stephanie Yang


    Pack Member

  • Ande Carrera


    Pack Member

  • Esin Pirkul


    Pack Member

  • Audrey Folsom


    Pack Member

  • Cait Galvin


    Pack Member

  • Kennedy Martinez


    Pack Member

  • Mary Lambert


    Pack Member

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