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Sarah and Mack

Our day is always brighter when this adorable pair comes in!

Kimberley & Bailey

Kimberley & Bailey are absolutely perfect together!

Mike, Manuela, & Maxwell

There’s no better story of companionship and loyalty than that of Mike, Manuela, & Maxwell!

Pearl, Harriet, Theresa, and Bo

Taurus Lamar’s favorite Pitty pair are just as entertaining and heart-warming as expect!

Ryan & Marla

What happens when you mix one laid back, easy going guy and an energetic German Shepherd with a bubbly personality?

Charles, Bryant, Dodger and Diego

Dodger knew he'd found the right Dad in Bryant. Then he convinced him to bring in Charles and Diego--sneaky!

Lemmy, Jennifer & Raymond

Like his namesake, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilman, this handsome Australian Cattle Dog has no shortage of adoring fans.

Baby, Faisal & Sarah

Baby's story is truly rags to riches, and we feel rich to get to spend time with her family!

Cass & Melissa

Initially, Melissa wanted to adopt an older dog. One torn up couch later, she has one of the cutest puppies we've ever seen!

Scarlett & Jaime

Scarlett's known for being super friendly and super sweet, just like her Jaime!

Pam & Rigby

Pam has been a longtime friend of Taurus Lamar, and we've been so glad to know Rigby these last few years!

Tom, Diana & Sabine

Sabine and her family have wiggled their way into the McNeil Pack's hearts!

Tim, Casey, and Siddalee

Tim, Casey and Siddalee can always be counted on to help the Taurus Academy Lamar Pack start the weekend off right!

Molly & Moby

You can't go looking for love, it finds you when you least expect it. Molly and Moby are proof that the axiom is true!

Tammy & Ozman

Tammy's a great dog trainer in her own right, and Ozman has to agree!

Pretty Boy, Kathleen and Jack

A chance volunteer shift at Austin Pets Alive! united this family.

Tony & Ann

We're so lucky Ann read a South Dakota newspaper and saw Tony's little face!

CJ & Sammy

CJ wasn't looking for just any dog, he was looking for the right match--that of course, he found in Sammy!

Vanessa, Craig & Steve

Despite a few punky puppy habits, Steve's spunky personality more than makes up for it!

Nancy & Fiona

As the saying goes: When you know, you know. When Nancy met Fiona as a tiny pup, she knew!

Nicole & Oliver

Nicole knew Ollie, as a butterball pup, was the one for her.

Bob, Leonora, Lark & Torino

Bob and Leonora have always been a two dog family, so they brought Lark into their lives!

Holly, John, Tesla & Eddie

John and Holly knew Tesla needed a buddy, so they turned to the trainers at Metric to find Eddie at APA!

Samantha, Beau, Addison, Brooklyn, Braden, Hudson, Tanner and Cooper

The McNeil Pack celebrates a loyal Taurus family!


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