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Taurus Academy

Taurus Dog Boarding


At Taurus Academy your dog receives more than excellent care, he or she also Plays with a Purpose! We've been proudly serving Austin, Texas pets and pet owners with over 30 years of award-winning services.

A Dog Getting Pet by Many Hands

Taurus Dog Boarding Exceeds Expectations

 Our pack members are extensively trained in safety and health, and many are First Aid and CPR certified.  We exceed industry standards in cleaning and ventilation protocols, and have many systems in place to eliminate errors.  Comfort is our priority, so we provide climate controlled kennels, blankets, water at all times, safe chew toys and bones, and generally do whatever it takes to make your Dog's Boarding experience happy and comfortable.  Finally, the dogs play throughout the day!  We are all dog trainers at Taurus, so your dog will be as safe as possible during playgroups, and will likely go home better behaved, as we work on polite behaviors throughout the day at Taurus. So that's why we can confidently say you will not be dissatisfied with our Dog Boarding Service at Taurus.

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Before Boarding

Play Day Evaluations

All dogs must undergo a play day evaluation before boarding.  This ensures that your pup will see Taurus as a safe, fun, happy place to stay and play.  She or he will also have the experience of you coming for her at the end of the day.  Our goal is ultimate comfort and minimum stress for the dogs in our care.  Please contact the facility of your choice to schedule an evaluation day.  Several facilities schedule these on specific days, in order to give our newer friends the maximum time and attention possible, so please schedule at least a couple of weeks in advance of your preferred boarding date.

Dog drinking out fo the hose

Daily Activities

What to Expect

The pups are out for an initial potty break and then are fed about 6:30-7. The dogs then play in rotating groups throughout the day, resting in their comfy kennels during naptime and at night.  We feed between 5-6 p.m., with a rest after dinner, then final play before going to bed about 9 p.m.  We pass out comfy blankets and chew toys (please, allow us to provide all blankets and toys.  We only allow the safest toys and bones, and sanitize all bedding daily, so we cannot take your toys and blankets as they may not be used, or lost in the laundry.)   The radio is left on a soothing station, and a pack member peeks in on the dogs every night around midnight, in case a young pup needs another potty break.  Usually they are tired from a long day of play and sleep through until morning, when the fun starts over again!There is no extra charge for feeding your dog his or her own food, for administering medications, multiple group play sessions, or any TLC your dog needs.  You may, however, sign your dog up for a walk to the park, the hike and bike trail, or various fun places around town. Don't forget to take advantage of our bathing services while you're here!

Client Reviews & Testimonials

We value our clients’ boarding experience at Taurus Academy. Here’s what some people are saying about us.

The best dog boarding facility we've ever used. They even put a Happy Birthday hat on our puppy (we were sadly out of town) and sent us photos on Benny's 2nd Birthday. We love this place!

Sarah V.

Taurus is a great place to board your dogs. We board our three dogs at the Lakeway location and they love it. All of the employees love working with dogs. We have been clients for over 9 years and even though we moved to Marble Falls, we still take our dogs there! They always go above and beyond!!

Erika S.

Taurus is, without doubt, the gold standard in doggie day care and boarding. Chloe has been a Taurus dog for about 3 years now and she looks forward to many more enjoyable years.

Allen K.

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With over 30 years of award-winning service, we're proud to set a standard of excellence for dog boarding in Austin, Texas.