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Comprehensive, individualized training tailored for you and your dog’s needs. Proudly serving Austin, Texas pets and pet owners with over 30 years of award-winning services.

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Obedience Training Helps Your Dog Fit In

We believe that every dog, owner, and household is unique.  Our Dog Obedience Training goes well beyond basic obedience, and embraces what dogs and owners specifically need to live together more happily. A Dog isn't really Happy until they've become fully Socialized within your home and with their other Dog Friends. We have a large toolbox of Dog Training Techniques and teaching tools to draw from, although we certainly utilize the most gentle, positive, and effective methods.  At Taurus every pack staff member is a Dog Trainer, so your dog will be training every moment with us.  Please note that our board and train program requires an evaluation day. We want to make sure your dog knows Taurus is a happy, fun place, and that Mom or Dad will come back for them, so a day or more of daycare ensures that your dog is ready to start learning right away!

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What We Do

We have worked with thousands of households over the last 17 years, and have developed programs that fit a variety of lifestyles and personalities.  We can tailor a program that helps you find more harmony in your home.

Our programs build a solid foundation of obedience, and include:

  • Attention: teaching your dog to check in with you and respond to requests for attention

  • Basic commands: walking nicely on the leash, sit, down, stay, come, etc.

  • Manners: Such as polite greeting behavior—sitting politely rather than jumping

  • Social Skills: facilitated play that promotes polite behavior among the dogs

Training Programs

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Board and Train

Many of our clients call this program “Doggy Bootcamp.”

We offer 2-week, 3-week and 4-week intensive program where your dog where your dog will stay with us and learn better behavior every waking moment, whether it’s in our play yards, during obedience lessons, or even on field trips around town.  After the two weeks, it’s your turn to learn in four private lessons.  The first private lesson is at our facility, followed by two at your home, then usually one in a public place such as a park, the trail, wherever you want your dog to behave!

Program includes:

  • One Play day evaluation

  • Boarding fees

  • Training sessions throughout the day

  • Trainer-assisted socialization in the play yards

  • Four private lessons: 1 at the facility, 2 in the home, and 1 most likely in a public place

*Payment plans are offered. Please call a facility for details.

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Puppy Consultation

From a behavior standpoint, this is the most valuable thing you can do for your new puppy and your household. If you get started on the right paw, numerous behavior issues can be avoided.  We discount this consultation to make it as accessible as possible. 

This one hour visit addresses:

  • Housebreaking

  • How to socialize properly (includes a free day of daycare!)

  • How to deal with common puppy issues such as jumping, nipping, and chewing

  • Basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, and come

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Private Training and Behavior Consultations

Private training sessions are a good alternative for dogs who are more comfortable in the home or owners who prefer to be even more involved in their dogs’ training.  We are flexible about location, and will make suggestions depending on your dog’s skill level and focus and your goals.

Private behavior consultations are for dogs and owners needing help with more serious behavior issues, such as separation anxiety, fear of people or dogs, leash reactivity, adult housebreaking issues, etc. These issues take time to address.  As a result, one session is rarely enough to turn these issues around.

Package discounts for multiple sessions are available.  Extra charges may apply outside the Austin metro area.

Taurus Academy Training

Day Train

Our Day Train program offers the same training experience for your dog as in our Board and Train program, but your pet will go home with you every evening instead of boarding with us at our facility.

We offer 10-, 15- and 20-day packages. Please visit our pricing page for details.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

We value our clients’ training experience at Taurus Academy. Here’s what some people are saying about us.

We love this place! Our puppy, Riley, just finished a Board & Train session. We were amazed with what she has learned. Still can't believe it's the same puppy! Taurus has also helped our oldest dog, Juicy, learn how to correctly interact with other dogs. We couldn't be happier with everything they've learned!

Sarah B.

They really know what they’re doing over here. Not a huge center so each dog gets plenty of time in the yard. Every single staff member I’ve met has great amounts of training, and everyone there not only knows my dog personally, but knows how’s she’s been doing! Can tell my dog loves it there.

James L.

The staff here is always very helpful and flexible about my requests and adjustments on playdays. My dog gets great training here which is so obvious from what we can experience at home. They also offer more optional enrichment activities and grooming services. I love their service. My dog looks forward to every play day too!

Jian D.

A Tailored Program Just For Your Pet!

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